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Gulflander Xtreme the best 4x4 boat loaders
Gulflander Xtreme Boat Loaders are compact, aerospace and marine designed and custom built incorporating quality components for long operational life. Lightweight, strong and tested in some of Australia’s harshest 4WD conditions.

The units are easily operated by one person and there is no lifting or pushing of the boat to load or unload. This custom designed side boat loader is alloy construction and are able to carry boats up to 4 metres and 100kg in weight, subject to your vehicle’s carrying capacity although it can be adapted for larger boats on request. The powerful electric winch gearbox with twin 800kg rated winch ropes and micro safety shut off switches.

We custom design and build your boat loader right here in Australia, and we can also custom tailor your storage requirements underneath the boat. Our design allows you to really make use of the storage area under the boat, be it for the BT Combo (with roof top tent), the BMT Combo (with rack for motor/trailer/fuel tank), or simply storage for other items. This allows you to use the full area under the boat and still unload and load your boat quickly and easily

If you purchase the Gulflander Xtreme boat loader, you can purchase and add the rooftop tent or motor/trailer/fuel tank rack at a later date.

Our boat loaders are a side loader system and because of this it is the only true loader that allows you to accommodate large items under your boat. The way the boat is loaded and removed allows this to happen without upsetting the storage area. Other boat loaders can’t use all of this area as the removal or loading of the boat drags the boat through the storage area

It makes cleaning your boat a breeze as you can clean out and wash the interior of the boat with fresh water when the boat is partially loaded. You can stop the electric winch when the boat is at a good working height, and the wash off won’t hit your vehicle. Doing this before the boat is loaded and upside down on your vehicle gives you not only a clean boat, but helps inhibit rust forming op top of your vehicle from salt water run-off.

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