The BMT Combo Boat Loader allows you to store and carry your motor, collapsible trailer and fuel tank all in one place on top of your vehicle. The gear is safe and secure, out of sight, and locked on your vehicle with your vehicle no longer needing to have this gear stored on draw bars, back seats, inside vans and the fuel odor from your tank and out board motor remain outside the vehicle giving you security and safety when traveling.

Both the boat and your motor, trailer and tank rack are easily removed in 10 to 15 minutes, no heavy lifting is required and all the hard work is done by the remote controlled electric winch. Rack assembly can be stopped at a good working and lifting height to remove and install the motor and fuel tank safely and with ease. Your alloy collapsible trailer can remain on the rack and be locked back onto the vehicle when it is not required.

No other boat loader allows you to have your motor, trailer and fuel tank under your boat, let alone allowing easy access using the remote controlled electric winch, only the BMT Combo is capable of doing so.

By having twin winch ropes which are certified to 800kg breaking strain and an automatic micro switch stop on the electric winch, you are provided with a safe stable operation and peace of mind when removing or loading your gear.

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