The ultimate boat loader

Our boat loaders make it easy to load your boat, fuel tank, trailer and even motor onto the roof of your car.

The ultimate boat loader

Our boat loaders make it easy to load your boat, fuel tank, trailer and even motor onto the roof of your car.

Serious off road boat loader, easy to use for any age and storage under boat for a fold up trailer, fuel tank, boat motor and roof top tent. Customised to your needs!

car topper Boat loader with storage


We now make Canopies.
car topper Boat loader with storage
Allows you to store and carry your motor/collapsible trailer/fuel
tank all in one place on top of your vehicle
car topper Boat loader with storage


This new module is designed to maximise the tray space by removing the spare wheels from the tray area.

Boat loader with car topper and roof top tent


On the right vehicle you can have the rooftop tent as well.
Making this is the ultimate tow vehicle.
Boat loader with car topper and roof top tent
The ability to carry a roof top tent as well as a boat on top of your vehicle. The tent can be used even when the boat is still attached to the vehicle.

Gulflander Xtreme Custom Boat Loaders

Gulflander Xtreme products are like nothing else on the market. The innovative boat loaders are built for and tested in Australia’s harsh conditions and remote locations. Between ourselves and our customers we’ve done over 20 trips to Cape York and back.

Our boat loaders are a lightweight quality construction with aerospace design using leading technology. Our attention to detail, workmanship and finish has to been seen to believed.

Easy to use boat loaders

All our boat loaders are winch powered, which means there is no heavy lifting, pulling or ladders required to get you car topper, fold up trailer, fuel tank and motor down, or to get access to a roof top tent. We’ve designed the boat loaders with you in mind, you’ve worked your entire life! Its time to take a break and leave the heavy lifting to our smart, innovative boat loaders.

The difference between our boat loaders, we combine additional features such as the rooftop tent that can accessed without having to remove the boat, a storage rack for your boat motor, collapsible trailer and fuel tank to ensure no heavy lifting is required and our products only need one person to operate using the powerful electric winch.

Our products make boat loading and unloading an absolute breeze! This is not a Toy!

Rear Loading Boat Loader Coming Soon!

Heavy duty, lightweight, rear boat loader with a powerful electric winch will handle up to 160kg. 
Simple. Lightweight. Smart. Easy To Operate


REVIEWS FROM Gulflander Xtreme products

We are currently travelling around Australia and have a Gulflander Xtreme BMT Combo boat loader on our BT50. We have found the flexibility it gives us and ease of use fantastic. It has held up to the toughest roads we have endured and it is practically unnoticeable when driving. Thanks Muz for your knowledge and expertise! You create some mean of offroad gear!


Bob & Pat

Retirees Travelling Australia

boat loader

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